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Last active Mar 28, 2019
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Company manager


Company and Employee manager. To use fileuploads, you have to configure your local public directory:


Basic laravel scaffolded (make:auth)


DB Structure:

  • id (use unsigned integer instead of bigInteger)
  • user (foreign key to users table)
  • name (string, required)
  • city (string, required)
  • logo (store the uploaded file's path as string, optional, nullable in db)
  • website (string, optional)

A company belongs to a logged in user. A company has one or more employees. Use the appropriate relationship type for both of them. (


  • id (use unsigned integer instead of bigInteger)
  • name (string, required)
  • company (foreign key to companies table)
  • email (string, unique, required)
  • phone (string, optional, nullable in database)

Belongs to one company.


  • login
  • register
  • listing of companies
  • create new company
  • company detail page
    • list employees - use a html <table>
    • employees can be created, edited and deleted. no detail page is necessary
    • the create employee button should navigate to an employee creation form. the company field should be automatically filled out (<select> input). (use /companies/3/employees routing style, that way you can get the selected company's ID and fill out the field)
    • make sure only the user who owns the company can edit it and it's members (use FormRequest's authorize method:
  • edit a company (the owning user can edit a company)
  • delete a company (the owning user can delete a company)

Use the automatically generated layout that comes with a new Laravel project.

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