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Xcode: Set version and build number from Git
# Xcode: Set version and build number from Git
# --------------------------------------------
# This script sets the version number `CFBundleShortVersionString` to one of
# - `1.2.3` -- for the tagged commit `v1.2.3` or a hyphen-separated prerelease,
# e.g. `v1.2.3-alpha`, `v1.2.3-alpha.2`, `v1.2.3-beta`, `v1.2.3-rc`.
# - `1.2.3-7-gabc1234` -- at commit `abc1234`, 7 commits after `v1.2.3`,
# - `1.2.3-7-gabc1234-dirty` -- when there are uncommitted changes, or
# - `abc1234` or `abc1234-dirty`, respectively -- if there is no previous tag.
# and the build number `CFBundleVersion` to the number of Git commits up to the
# current `HEAD`. (That should be a pretty much monotonically growing number
# that is okay for the App Store. If not,)
# When about to release a new version, create a prerelease like
# git tag v1.2.3-rc.1
# and then build and archive. The script strips the hyphen-separated part from
# the resulting binary
# Once everything looks okay and the release is tested
# to work, set the version in stone, with release notes in the message, by running:
# git tag -s v1.2.3 # signed using your GPG key
# git tag -a v1.2.3 # unsigned
# Remember to push the tags to origin too:
# git push --tags origin
# Read more about semantic versioning:
set -e
function strip-v () { echo -n "${1#v}"; }
function strip-pre () { local x="${1#v}"; echo -n "${x%-*}"; }
if [[ -d "${SRCROOT}/.git" ]];
COMMIT=$(git --git-dir="${SRCROOT}/.git" rev-parse HEAD)
LATEST=$(git describe --tags --abbrev=0 --match 'v[0-9]*' 2> /dev/null || true)
STATIC="$(defaults read "${SRCROOT}/${INFOPLIST_FILE}" "CFBundleShortVersionString" 2> /dev/null || true)"
if [[ -n "$STATIC" ]] && [[ "$STATIC" != $(strip-pre "${LATEST}") ]];
echo "warning: CFBundleShortVersionString ${STATIC} disagrees with tag ${LATEST}"
TAG=$(strip-pre $(git describe --tags --match 'v[0-9]*' --abbrev=0 --exact-match 2> /dev/null || true))
FULL_VERSION=$(strip-v $(git describe --tags --match 'v[0-9]*' --always --dirty))
BUILD=$(echo -n $(git rev-list HEAD | wc -l))
if [[ "${FULL_VERSION}" == *"-dirty" ]];
echo "warning: There are uncommitted changes in Git"
defaults write "${PLIST}" "CFBundleShortVersionString" -string "${SHORT_VERSION}"
defaults write "${PLIST}" "CFBundleVersion" -string "${BUILD}"
defaults write "${PLIST}" "Commit" -string "${COMMIT}"
echo "warning: Building outside Git. Leaving version number untouched."
echo "CFBundleIdentifier:" "$(defaults read "${PLIST}" CFBundleIdentifier)"
echo "CFBundleShortVersionString:" "$(defaults read "${PLIST}" CFBundleShortVersionString)"
echo "CFBundleVersion:" "$(defaults read "${PLIST}" CFBundleVersion)"
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