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Created September 18, 2015 05:01
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Remove + sign from upvote
* The hook allows to remove + sing from upvote count
* How to use it:
* Nothing complicated, just place 'output_split' method into your theme file or plugin layer and done.
* Important:
* Make sure your theme should not have this function already. If there is than add this code
* to that function and modify as needed
* @category Hook
* @since 1.7
* @author Q2A Market <>
* @link Q2A Market
public function output_split($parts, $class, $outertag='span', $innertag='span', $extraclass=null)
$parts['data'] = str_replace('+', '', $parts['data']);
parent::output_split($parts, $class, $outertag='span', $innertag='span', $extraclass=null);
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