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Last active Oct 29, 2019
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Computer Graphics - VS Code configuration
// Use IntelliSense to learn about possible attributes.
// Hover to view descriptions of existing attributes.
// For more information, visit:
"version": "0.2.0",
"configurations": [
"name": "build and debug project",
"type": "cppdbg",
"request": "launch",
"program": "${workspaceFolder}/build/raytracer",
"args": ["examples/example.json", "examples/example.json.ppm"],
"stopAtEntry": true, // you might wanna turn this off when you've confirmed that debugging works
"cwd": "${workspaceFolder}",
"environment": [],
"externalConsole": false,
"MIMode": "gdb",
"setupCommands": [
"description": "Enable pretty-printing for gdb",
"text": "-enable-pretty-printing",
"ignoreFailures": true
"preLaunchTask": "make project",
"miDebuggerPath": "/usr/bin/gdb"
// See
// for the documentation about the tasks.json format
"version": "2.0.0",
"tasks": [
"label": "make project",
"type": "shell",
"options": {
"cwd": "${workspaceFolder}/build"
"command": "make",
"problemMatcher": [
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