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Last active Mar 8, 2020
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go-discord-irc upload script
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Usage: GOOS=linux go build && ssh discord.tardis ./ < go-discord-irc
set -u
set -e
echo "Copying file to \"$target\""
cp /dev/stdin "$target"
echo "File copied to \"$target\""
echo 'Stopping service "discordirc"'
service discordirc stop
oldtarget=~/go-discord-irc-$(date +"%Y-%d-%m_%H-%M-%S")
echo "Copying \"/usr/local/bin/go-discord-irc\" to \"$oldtarget\""
cp /usr/local/bin/go-discord-irc "$oldtarget"
echo "Copying \"$target\" to \"/usr/local/bin/go-discord-irc\""
cp "$target" /usr/local/bin/go-discord-irc
echo "Deleting \"$target\""
rm "$target"
echo 'Starting service "discordirc"'
service discordirc start
echo "Success!"
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