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<div class="tablenav">
<span class="displaying-num">
Records per page
<select name="recordsPerPage" ng-model="pageSize" ng-options="page.value for page in pageSizeOptions" ng-change="pageSizeChanged()">
<div class="tablenav-pages">
<span class="pagination-links">
<span>{{engagementItems.length}} items </span>
<a class="first-page" ng-click="pageNoChanged(-2)"><span>«</span></a>
<a class="prev-page" ng-click="pageNoChanged(-1)"><span>‹</span></a>
<span>{{currentPage}} of {{lastPage}}</span>
<a class="next-page" ng-click="pageNoChanged(1)"><span>›</span></a>
<a class="last-page" ng-click="pageNoChanged(2)"><span>»</span></a>
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