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conda cheatsheet
to create a new environment
conda create -n mynewenviron package1 package2 etc
conda create -n newenv --clone ~anaconda
to remove an environment
conda remove -n myenvirontoremove --all
always start with
conda update conda
or run
conda update anaconda
to test removing a package
conda remove --dry-run -n myenv package1
to remove a package
conda remove -n myenv package1
to remove an entire environment
conda remove -n test --all (you can also simply delete the folder)
install a package in the base environment
conda install ipython-notebook
install a package in a given environment
conda install -n myenv ipython-notebook
update a package
conda update -n myenv mypackage
display summary info about conda setup
conda info
list available environments and currently activated environment
conda info -e
display installed packages in currently activated environment and write to file
conda list -e > requirements.txt
display installed packages in given environment
conda list -e -n myenv
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