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Last active August 17, 2023 18:29
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Ubuntu20.04 Wine 6.0 微信中文显示方块/方框


  1. 安装 Wine sudo apt-get install wine
  2. 先把环境改了省事:
    $ export WINEARCH=win32
    $ export WINEPREFIX=/home/qinyu/Wine/WeChat
  3. 创建 Wine Bottle
    $ cd
    $ mkdir Wine
    $ cd Wine/
    $ winecfg
  4. 下载微信安装包,拓展名.exe那种,放在`~/Wine/
  5. 安装 wine WeChatSetup.exe
  6. 然后果然发现中文全是方框,安装 WineTricks,不要用sudo apt install winetricks,而是用以下 WineHQ 官方的方法:
    cd "${HOME}/Downloads"
    chmod +x winetricks
    sudo cp winetricks /usr/local/bin
  7. 两个选项:
    1. 运行 winetricks 在DLL中装riched20, riched32,在 Font 中装所有中文相关。(其实并不清楚需不需要 WINPREFIX=/home/qinyu/Wine/WeChat
    2. 或者,winetricks corefonts gdiplus riched20 riched30 wenquanyi
  8. 运行 winetricks GUI 或直接 winetricks regedit 打开窗口选择 Registry > Import Registry File,然后下载导入这个文件


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