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Last active Jun 3, 2016
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OSX Git Configuration
excludesfile = ~/.gitignore_global
editor = subl
autocrlf = input
email =
name = qkdreyer
signingkey = AE749F81
default = current
recurseSubmodules = true
autosetuprebase = always
tool = sublimerge
[mergetool "sublimerge"]
cmd = subl -nw \"$REMOTE\" \"$BASE\" \"$LOCAL\" \"$MERGED\" --command \"sublimerge_diff_views\"
trustExitCode = false
tool = sublimerge
[difftool "sublimerge"]
cmd = subl -n --wait \"$REMOTE\" \"$LOCAL\" --command \"sublimerge_diff_views {\\\"left_read_only\\\": true, \\\"right_read_only\\\": true}\"
sync = ls | xargs -P10 -I{} git -C {} pull
deploy = "!f(){ B=${1:-deployment}; git checkout $B && git pull && git merge master && git push origin $B && git checkout master; };f"
gpgsign = true
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