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TypeError in 'Java::XPTO should use the same generated class for wrapping different interfaces'
cannot convert instance of class org.jruby.RubyObject to interface java.util.concurrent.Callable
package java_integration.fixtures;
import java.util.concurrent.Callable;
public class InterfaceWrapper {
public static Callable giveMeBack2(Callable call) {
return call;
public static Runnable giveMeBack(Runnable runnable) {
return runnable;
describe "whatever" do
it "should use the same generated class for wrapping different interfaces" do
class BugTest
def run
def call
expected1 = InterfaceWrapper.give_me_back2(InterfaceWrapper.give_me_back(
expected2 = InterfaceWrapper.give_me_back(InterfaceWrapper.give_me_back2(
expected1.java_class.should == expected2.java_class
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