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Immutable PriorityQueue in Scala
import scala.collection.immutable._
import scala.util._
object IntCompare extends Ordering[Int] {
def compare(x: Int, y: Int) =
else if(x==y)
var a = PriorityQueue.empty[Int](IntCompare)
val r = new Random()
for(i <- 0 until 10) {
a = a + r.nextInt(100) + r.nextInt(100)
a = a.tail
for(i <- 0 until 1000000) {
a = a + r.nextInt(10000000) + r.nextInt(10000000)
// println(a.head)
a = a.tail
// Immutable PriorityQueue in Scala
// Most functions run in O(log n)
// Developed in Scala version 2.7.7
// Implementation: Leftist Heap (See "Purely Functional Data Structures")
// Author: Masaki Hara (ackie.h.gmai _at_
package scala.collection.immutable
import priorityqueue._
object PriorityQueue {
def empty[A](implicit ord: Ordering[A]): PriorityQueue[A] = Empty[A]
def single[A](elem: A)(implicit ord: Ordering[A]): PriorityQueue[A] = Tree[A](1,1,elem,empty,empty)
private[immutable] def merge[A](a: PriorityQueue[A], b: PriorityQueue[A])
(implicit ord: Ordering[A]): PriorityQueue[A] = a match {
case Empty() => b
case Tree(_,_,ae,al,ar) => b match {
case Empty() => a
case Tree(_,_,be,bl,br) =>
if(,be) > 0)
makeT(ae, al, merge(ar, b))
makeT(be, bl, merge(br, a))
private[immutable] def makeT[A](head: A, a: PriorityQueue[A], b: PriorityQueue[A])
(implicit ord: Ordering[A]): PriorityQueue[A] =
if(a.rank >= b.rank)
Tree(a.length+b.length+1, b.rank+1, head, a, b)
Tree(a.length+b.length+1, a.rank+1, head, b, a)
abstract class PriorityQueue[A](implicit val ord: Ordering[A]) extends Seq[A] {
private[immutable] def rank: Int
private[immutable] def internal_apply(idx: Int): A
def head: A
def tail: PriorityQueue[A]
override def stringPrefix = "PriorityQueue"
override def apply(idx: Int) =
if(0<=idx && idx<length)
throw new NoSuchElementException("index out of range")
override def elements = new PriorityQueueIterator(this)
def +(q: PriorityQueue[A]) =
if(ord == q.ord)
PriorityQueue.merge(this, q)
throw new RuntimeException("ordering should equal")
def +(elem: A): PriorityQueue[A] = PriorityQueue.merge(this, PriorityQueue.single(elem))
def +(iter: Iterable[A]) : PriorityQueue[A] = iter.foldLeft(this)(_+_)
class PriorityQueueIterator[A](var q: PriorityQueue[A]) extends Iterator[A] {
override def hasNext = q.length>0
override def next() = {
val a = q.head
q = q.tail
package priorityqueue {
private[immutable] case class Empty[A](implicit override val ord: Ordering[A])
extends PriorityQueue[A] {
override val length = 0
override val rank = 0
override def head = throw new NoSuchElementException("head on empty priority queue")
override def tail = throw new NoSuchElementException("tail on empty priority queue")
override def internal_apply(idx: Int) = head
private[immutable] case class Tree[A](
override val length: Int,
override val rank: Int,
override val head: A,
val left: PriorityQueue[A],
val right: PriorityQueue[A])
(implicit override val ord: Ordering[A])
extends PriorityQueue[A] {
override def tail = PriorityQueue.merge(left, right)
override def internal_apply(idx: Int): A =
if(idx == 0)
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