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Last active June 5, 2017 01:19
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Variadic fixed point combinators? They're more likely than you think
Analogous to but for objects. If you
REALLY don't want to modify Object.prototype you can
modify this into a regular function `objectMap(obj, f)` I GUESS
but it doesn't affect the basic idea of what happens below
*/ = function(f) {
const mapped = {};
Object.keys(this).forEach(key => {
mapped[key] = f(this[key], key, this);
return mapped;
Variadic equivalent to the Y combinator. Resolves a collection
of functions which refer to one another, without the need for
mutability or any of whatever.
Compare with the regular Y combinator, which is:
const y = unresolved =>
(f => f(f))(f => unresolved(x => f(f)(x)));
const variadicY = unresolveds =>
(fs => => f(fs)))( => fs => unresolved( => x => f(fs)(x)))));
Some functions which attempt to refer to one another by name, but
aren't quite there yet. Notice that there is no actual recursion
here and everything is const and so on. The fixed point of
(funcs => is our desired collection of
named functions. I think. It's late.
const unresolveds = {
isEven: funcs =>
x => x === 0 ? true : funcs.isOdd(x - 1),
isOdd: funcs =>
x => x === 0 ? false : funcs.isEven(x - 1)
const resolveds = variadicY(unresolveds);
// That's better!
// true
// If this is all wrong I'll scrap and recreate it tomorrow
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