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Last active Jun 23, 2016
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var re = /(\[([A-G])\])/g;
var str = "[ar: Sam Smith]\n[ti: I'm Not The Only One]\n[length: 03:58]\n[00:00.76]gsgasdgasgdasgsgs[B]きって行くぞ(青春 All right [C]青春 Oh";
var str_convert = str.replace(re, '<span class="hopam">$1</span>');
var ap5 = new APlayer({
element: document.getElementById('player5'),
narrow: false,
autoplay: false,
showlrc: 1,
mutex: true,
theme: '#ad7a86',
music: [
title: 'あっちゅ~ま青春!',
author: '七森中☆ごらく部',
url: '',
pic: 'あっちゅ~ま青春!.jpg',
lrc: str_convert
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