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rowitr = Tables.Map(x->(, y=x.salary*2), df);
rowitr = Tables.Map(fff, df);
T = typeof(rowitr)
state = iterate(rowitr)
row, st = state
nms = Tuple(propertynames(row))
len = Base.haslength(T) ? length(rowitr) : 0
sch = Tables.Schema(nms, nothing)
columns = Tuple(Tables.EmptyVector(len) for _ = 1:length(nms))
updated = Ref{Any}(columns)
Tables.eachcolumns(Tables.add_or_widen!, sch, row, columns, 1, updated, Base.IteratorSize(rowitr))
@code_typed Tables.__buildcolumns(rowitr, st, sch, updated[], 1, updated)
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