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Created March 28, 2020 16:56
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module ScopedEnums
using StructTypes
export @scopedenum
macro scopedenum(T, args...)
blk = esc(:(
module $(Symbol("$(T)Module"))
using StructTypes
export $T
struct $T
const NAME2VALUE = $(Dict(String(x.args[1])=>Int64(x.args[2]) for x in args))
$T(str::String) = $T(NAME2VALUE[str])
const VALUE2NAME = $(Dict(Int64(x.args[2])=>String(x.args[1]) for x in args))
Base.string(e::$T) = VALUE2NAME[e.value]
Base.getproperty(::Type{$T}, sym::Symbol) = haskey(NAME2VALUE, String(sym)) ? $T(String(sym)) : getfield($T, sym), e::$T) = print(io, string($T, ".", string(e), " = ", e.value))
StructTypes.StructType(::Type{$T}) = StructTypes.StringType()
top = Expr(:toplevel, blk)
push!(top.args, :(using .$(Symbol("$(T)Module"))))
return top
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