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Created February 10, 2017 01:54
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The 100 Days of UI Challange

Hi, I'm new here

My name's Quinn, long time viewer first time caller. I've been working as a freelance designer (and more recently, developer) for a few years now. In this series of posts I will be highlighting some of my experiences through designing something (non-work related) everyday for 100 days.

The Challange

Long story short, I was recently introduced to the 100 Day of UI challange by my friend Aengus. Looking for a reason to post on Medium, I figured this was a good a time as any. So, once weekly for the next 20 weeks I'll be making a weekly recap post. These posts will vary in content, but will be guaranteed to include:

  1. My five daily UI designs from the week
  2. A small write up into the design and thought process
  3. Maybe (depending on what kind of prompts I recieve) some case study style blogging

Additional Parameteres

I've taken it upon myself to up the ante on the challange a bit, so I've set some condition under which I'll design. I've seen several reasons for undertaking the UI challenge, but I'm more interested in growing some skills. Adding these restrictions will force me to flex some creativity muscles and work against the clock.


I'm limiting myself to one hour per day, per design. I must start and complete the days project within 1 hour of opening the design prompt email (not including making mockups, writing posts, etc - just the design). You can check out my design from [day one][day-1] below to see how the time limit can sneak up. I want to get the most out of this challenge, and deadlines aren't my strength. So far it's gone well, but who knows what kind of prompts I'll recieve in the coming days.


I can only design within Sketch (which I would likely do anyway, because Sketch rules). I'm currently five days deep and haven't had the need for paper yet, but I think that is also an acceptable medium. However, drawing time is included in my one hour time limit, so it will likely be a luxury if I feel like I have the time.


Finally, the DailyUI encourages those who undertake the challenge to publish their work. I intend to do that on here in blog form, and possibly on another site like Behance (Although I would really prefer to use Dribbble if anyone has an invite for me!). If I set end up opening another account I'll link them here. My reasoning for the blog is two fold: a) I want to blog more in the design realm (I blog photos here - check it out!) and; b) Diving into process and writing about results will result in a better final product. If I'm desinging with blogging about process in mind, I will (hopefully) be more careful and thoughtful.

Wrap Up

Ok, so for those TL;DR people:

  • I'm doing the 100 days of UI challenge
  • I'm imposing additional restrictions on myself
    • Design must be complete within one hour of opening the email prompt
    • I can only use Sketch (and maybe paper and pencil)
    • I have to publish and blog all of my work

So, without further adieu - here are my posts for the week.

Week One

#001 - Sign Up Sheet

As I mentioned above, the clock caught up with me on this one. I spent way too long doing research and looking for inspiration and ended up with fifteen minutes to throw this thing together. As a result, it's pretty minimal (yet functional :) )


#002 - Checkout App

#003 - Landing Page

#004 - Calculator

#005 - App Icon

Thanks for reading! Follow me to stay updated on the progress of the challange. Also, consider reccommending this page to your followers and friends - more eyes on me = more pressure to produce quality work!

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