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How to contact me

Ricochet isn't currently connecting reliably, so if you don't see me on there, try another method!

This page will be updated to reflect any changed, additional or abandoned accounts, so if you're not sure, please check here before you contact me.

Do you want to chat privately and securely?

My work contacts are:

  • Cryptocat: faradayfangirl

Fingerprint: 54:9c:8c:75:b1:1e:f5:48:97:93:1a:78:43:a3:c5:43

  • Wire: faradayfangirl

  • Jabber/XMPP with OTR: (I have current problems with this, try something else.)

Please check to see that you're using OTR with your Jabber account. (This is not an email address! Don't email it!)

Fingerprint: 57DF5996 0DC01AB2 3815A578 B11B7B02 4A146591

  • Ricochet IM: ricochet:j3bwhhvevmobckih

  • Email: ask if you need it, but I rarely reply in a timely manner and may abandon it soon.

These are accounts intended for work, and I'm typically logged in during work hours on days I'm working. If you don't find me online, try again later.

Current Timezone: Central European Time

Hey Quinn, why no PGP key here?

I don't use or encourage PGP emails for two reasons. The first is PGP is difficult to use, and often failures go untedected. The second is that it is the most metadata-rich form of encrypted communication, and in that way is worse than many forms of completely unencrypted, but ephemeral, communication. If you see a PGP key for me, it's a lie.

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