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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Evaluates a sample of keys/values from each redis database, computing statistics for each key pattern:
# keys: number of keys matching the given pattern
# size: approximation of the associated memory occupied (based on size/length of value)
# percent: the proportion of this 'size' relative to the sample's total
# Copyright Weplay, Inc. 2010. Available for use under the MIT license.
require 'rubygems'
require 'redis'
require 'yaml'
SAMPLE_SIZE = 20_000 # number of keys to sample from each db before computing stats
# Naive approximation of memory footprint: size/length of value.
def redis_size(db, k)
t = db.type(k)
case t
when 'string' then db.get(k).length
when 'list' then db.lrange(k, 0, -1).size
when 'zset' then db.zrange(k, 0, -1).size
when 'set' then db.smembers(k).size
when 'hash' then db.hgetall(k).size
else raise("Redis type '#{t}' not yet supported.") # TODO accommodate more types
def array_sum(array)
array.inject(0){ |sum, e| sum + e }
def redis_db_profile(db_name, sample_size = SAMPLE_SIZE)
db = => db_name)
keys = []
sample_size.times { |i| keys << db.randomkey }
key_patterns = keys.group_by{ |key| key.gsub(/([\d\w]{20}|\d+)/, '#') }
data ={ |pattern, keys|
[pattern, {'keys' => keys.size, 'size' => array_sum({ |k| redis_size(db, k) })}]
}.sort_by{ |a| a.last['size'] }.reverse
size_sum = data.inject(0){|sum, d| sum += d.last['size'] }
data.each { |d| d.last['percent'] = '%.2f%' % (d.last['size'].to_f*100/size_sum) }
db_names = `redis-cli info | grep ^db[0-9]`{ |line| line.scan(/^db\d+/).first }
db_names.each do |name|
puts "\nProfiling \"#{name}\"...\n#{'-'*20}"
puts YAML.dump(redis_db_profile(name))
puts "\nOverall statistics:\n#{'-'*20}"
puts `redis-cli info | grep memory`
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