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#import dependencies
import cv2
import os
import MoCV
_segment_image_test - function to test optimal thresholding for image segmentation
test_folder_path I/P path to test folder for image segmentation
test_img_name I/P name of test image
def _segment_image_test(test_folder_path, img_name):
img = cv2.imread(os.path.join(test_folder_path, img_name), 0)
#print image out
#cv2.imshow('original image', img)
#segment images front and back
front_img, back_img = MoCV.segmentation.optimal_thresholding(img)
front_img_path = os.path.join(test_folder_path, "front_segmented_img.png")
back_img_path = os.path.join(test_folder_path, "back_segmented_img.png")
#write front and back images
cv2.imwrite(front_img_path, front_img)
cv2.imwrite(back_img_path, back_img)
test - function test all functions
mode I/P index of CV algorithsm for testing. Look at README for indices of algorithms. -1 for all algorithms
_segment_image_test("path_to_image_folder, "name_of_image")
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