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Jim Caten quonic

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quonic / Get-LastestPowershellCoreMSI.ps1
Created Mar 4, 2020
Checks if the current running Powershell Core environment is the latest version and download if it isn't
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[Version]$ReleaseVersion = (Invoke-RestMethod -replace '^v'
if ($PSVersionTable.PSEdition -like "Core" -and $ReleaseVersion -gt $PSVersionTable.PSVersion) {
$latest = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "" | Where-Object { $_.tag_name -eq "v$ReleaseVersion" }
$downloadUrl = $latest.assets | Where-Object Name -like "*win-x64.msi" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty 'browser_download_url'
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $downloadUrl -OutFile "$PSScriptRoot\$(Split-Path $downloadUrl -Leaf)"
quonic /
Created Jul 2, 2019
Example of static screen at about 4 fps on a ryzen 7 1800X.
import sys
import random
# import math
from itertools import *
import numpy as np
import pygame
# from past.builtins import xrange
from profilehooks import profile
quonic /
Last active Apr 25, 2019
Untested: This should update the exchange rates of the Currency entities. Does require an AutoTask account to have access to multi-currencies.
# MIT license
# Created by Quonic on 4/23/2019
import atws
import getpass
import pprint
import keyring
import requests
def save_creds(creds_username, creds_password):
quonic / ADSync.ps1
Created Apr 8, 2019
Untested: This will sync AD on all Domain Controllers
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Function Sync-AD {
$splatme = @{
ComputerName = Get-ADDomainController -Filter {Name -like "*"}
ScriptBlock = {
Import-Module -Name 'ADSync'
Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta
quonic /
Created Mar 3, 2019
This add an auto upgrade to cron for debian/ubuntu
crontab -l > mycron
echo "0 2 * * * apt-get update" >> mycron
echo "0 3 * * * apt-get -y dist-upgrade" >> mycron
echo "0 4 * * * apt-get -y upgrade" >> mycron
crontab mycron
rm mycron
quonic / Rename-DiscordCacheImagesToExt
Created Feb 14, 2019
Some example code to rename discord cached images
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# Function to figure out what the file type is
function Get-ImageExt {
# [OutputType([System.Boolean])]
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true, Position = 0, ValueFromPipeline = $true)]
[string] $Path
quonic / Powerpoint.ps1
Created Jan 22, 2019
Sample of how to create a PowePoint slide and get the text of a shape
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$Application = New-Object -ComObject PowerPoint.Application
# Make PowerPoint visible during debug
$Application.Visible = [Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoTriState]::msoTrue
# Create a new presentation
# Add a slide
# Yes... index starts at 1...
# Get the text of the first shape in the first slide
quonic / ConvertTo-Bits.ps1
Last active Jan 4, 2019
ConvertTo-Bits converts any string, number or an array of numbers to a bit array object
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function ConvertTo-Bits {
This converts any string, number or an array of numbers to a bit array object
This converts any string, number or an array of numbers to a bit array object
.PARAMETER InputObject
Accepts any object, but String or Number is expected
quonic / ConvertTo-UnixTime.ps1
Last active Apr 18, 2019
Created this to help convert UNIX time to and from Windows time when interfacing with data from API's that output time in UNIX time.
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function ConvertTo-UnixTime {
# Date in UNIX time
[Math]::Floor([decimal](Get-Date($DateTime).ToUniversalTime() -UFormat "%s"))
quonic / Test-Prime.ps1
Created Nov 6, 2018
Get-Factor and Test-Prime functions that are fairly fast, for Powershell
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function Get-Factor {
param (
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true,
Position = 0,
ValueFromPipeline = $true)]