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qtbluetooth problems
12:36 @kido | updates from the starfish side: so I've written this large codebase with libasteroid using QtBluetooth. it turns out that QtBluetooth wants to handle everything
| itself(especially the whole connection process) and since the L2CAP channel needs to be encrypted, QtBluetooth asks the kernel if it can set up a high security BLE
| connection but in the best case it gets rejected which eventually closes the
12:36 @kido | connection, in the worst case my Jolla C kernel panics... apparently, in order to be able to set up that high sec channel we need to connect from the system side (ie: from
| bluetoothd) and only use the BlueZ's GATT DBus APIs. from what I could understand, this can not be done with QtBluetooth so I've been experimenting with gattlib instead
| but gattlib doesn't work on my computer (dbus crashes) and it doesn't
12:36 @kido | cross compile cleanly with the sailfishos SDK (lots of missing symbols in the bluez libs and some type conversions it doesn't like...) so the experiment is still open
12:37 @kido | if anyone is willing to help, I could push the current qtbluetooth based codebase but cross-compiling asteroid-ctrl is an easier way to reproduce the high sec L2CAP
| problem
12:38 @kido | alternatively, I was also able to reproduce that problem with when discovering the battery service of my asteroid
| watch
12:39 @kido | running the ble scanner from a terminal with strace, we can see that the kernel returns an EACCES error code. I've blindly tracked that down to
| but setting CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE doesn't fix the problem
12:44 @kido | it's under certain conditions, when you try to connect with qtbluetooth and then from the settings
12:45 @kido | the phone reboots
12:45 @kido | if you just connect from settings, the connection stays active really well (for more than a day without any disconnection and so on)
12:46 @kido | which makes me think we should try to find a simple BlueZ's DBus GATT API wrapper (or write one, alternatively :( ) that "just works" on sailfish
12:47 @kido | let the user connect from system settings, and then starfish communicates with starfishd on dbus and starfishd with bluetoothd on dbus as well
12:50 r0kk3rz | hmm i wonder how systemsettings works, theres probably a qml plugin or something
12:51 @kido | yeah, I wonder as well but I don't think that code is public
12:51 @kido | haven't had the time to check that yet
12:51 @kido | maybe it just connects but never asks for a service discovery on the BLE services that require encryption
12:52 @kido | well, no, that should work since it properly asks for pairing
12:53 @kido | I'm really confused at that point, I wish this SFOS BLE stack was properly tested and documented
12:54 @kido | and when I have a problem on asteroid, I can easily recompile everything with debugging logs from the kernel to the app but when it comes to my jolla c, it looks like the
| kernel building process is not documented at all, I have no idea how to rebuild bluez and so on
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