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Last active March 9, 2022 03:39
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Kubectl daily shortcuts
NAMES="$(kubectl api-resources --namespaced --verbs list -o name | grep -v events | tr '\n' ,)"
kubectl get "${NAMES:0:-1}" --show-kind
kubectl patch deployment $1 -p "{\"spec\": {\"template\": {\"metadata\": { \"labels\": { \"redeploy\": \"$(date +%s)\"}}}}}"
kubectl get deploy $1 -o jsonpath="{.spec.replicas}"
kubectl get deploy $1 -o jsonpath="{.spec.template.spec.containers[0].image}"
kubectl get deploy $1 -o jsonpath="{.spec.template.spec.containers[0].resources}"
kubectl patch cronjobs $1 -p "{\"spec\" : {\"suspend\" : true }}"
kubectl run tmp-shell --rm -i --tty --image r0mdau/netshoot -- /bin/bash
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