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Add New Relic To Elastic Beanstalk for .NET

The instructions and files in this Gist can be used to configure an EC2 instance to install both the New Relic .NET Agent and Server Monitor on an EC2 deployed inside of an Elastic Beanstalk, without creating a custom AMI. Once configured, EC2s will begin reporting application and server metrics automatically to New Relic, even as the Elastic Beanstalk scales up and adds more EC2s.


  1. Create a top-level directory in your source bundle called .ebextensions and add newrelic.config to it.
  2. Change the values in newrelic.config to match your configuration, where:
    • download_path_to = URL to download the PowerShell script and New Relic Agents (e.g. an S3 bucket)
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