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Testing web UI interaction response times with CasperJS
var colorizer = require('colorizer').create('Colorizer');
var casper = require('casper').create();
var totalTests=3;
casper.start('', function(){
casper.viewport(1024, 768);
this.test.assertHttpStatus(200, "The page has loaded.");
this.test.assertSelectorExists('#tabs', "We got tabs.");
this.test.assertVisible('#tabs-1', "Content 1 is visible.");
testTabLoad('#ui-id-2', '#ui-tabs-1', "Tab 1", "tab1.png");
testTabLoad('#ui-id-3', '#ui-tabs-2', "Tab 2", "tab2.png");
testTabLoad('#ui-id-4', '#ui-tabs-3', "Tab 3 (slow)", "tab3.png");
testTabLoad('#ui-id-5', '#ui-tabs-4', "Tab 4 (broken)", "tab4.png"); {
function testTabLoad(tab, content, name, capfilename){
casper.then(function() {
if(name)casper.echo(name, "COMMENT");
this.test.assertSelectorExists(tab, "Tab selector exists.");
this.test.assertSelectorExists(content, "Content selector exists.");
this.test.assertDoesntExist(content+'>p', "Content is not already populated.");
this.test.assertNotVisible(content, "Content selector is not currently visible.");;
this.waitUntilVisible(content+'>p', function(){
casper.echo("Content became visible in " + ( + " ms", "INFO_BAR");
if(capfilename)this.captureSelector(capfilename, content);
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