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Sane keymap for hUGEtracker with white notes on z-m & q-p, and with ♯/♭ on S-J & 2-0
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<grid version="3">
<saveoptions create="True" position="True" content="True"/>
<design columncount="2" rowcount="30" fixedcols="0" fixedrows="1" defaultcolwidth="120" isdefaultcolwidth="1" defaultrowheight="22" isdefaultrowheight="0" color="clWindow">
<columns columnsenabled="True" columncount="2">
<index value="0"/>
<buttonstyle value="0"/>
<caption value="Key"/>
<index value="1"/>
<buttonstyle value="0"/>
<caption value="Note"/>
<goFixedVertLine value="True"/>
<goFixedHorzLine value="True"/>
<goVertLine value="True"/>
<goHorzLine value="True"/>
<goRangeSelect value="True"/>
<goDrawFocusSelected value="False"/>
<goRowSizing value="False"/>
<goColSizing value="False"/>
<goRowMoving value="False"/>
<goColMoving value="False"/>
<goEditing value="True"/>
<goAutoAddRows value="True"/>
<goTabs value="True"/>
<goRowSelect value="False"/>
<goAlwaysShowEditor value="False"/>
<goThumbTracking value="False"/>
<goColSpanning value="False"/>
<goRelaxedRowSelect value="False"/>
<goDblClickAutoSize value="False"/>
<goSmoothScroll value="True"/>
<goAutoAddRowsSkipContentCheck value="False"/>
<goRowHighlight value="False"/>
<goScrollToLastCol value="False"/>
<goScrollToLastRow value="False"/>
<position topleftcol="0" topleftrow="15" col="1" row="29">
<selection left="1" top="29" right="1" bottom="29"/>
<cells cellcount="58">
<cell1 column="0" row="1" text="z"/>
<cell2 column="0" row="2" text="x"/>
<cell3 column="0" row="3" text="c"/>
<cell4 column="0" row="4" text="v"/>
<cell5 column="0" row="5" text="b"/>
<cell6 column="0" row="6" text="n"/>
<cell7 column="0" row="7" text="m"/>
<cell8 column="0" row="8" text="s"/>
<cell9 column="0" row="9" text="d"/>
<cell10 column="0" row="10" text="g"/>
<cell11 column="0" row="11" text="h"/>
<cell12 column="0" row="12" text="j"/>
<cell13 column="0" row="13" text="q"/>
<cell14 column="0" row="14" text="w"/>
<cell15 column="0" row="15" text="e"/>
<cell16 column="0" row="16" text="r"/>
<cell17 column="0" row="17" text="t"/>
<cell18 column="0" row="18" text="y"/>
<cell19 column="0" row="19" text="u"/>
<cell20 column="0" row="20" text="i"/>
<cell21 column="0" row="21" text="o"/>
<cell22 column="0" row="22" text="p"/>
<cell23 column="0" row="23" text="2"/>
<cell24 column="0" row="24" text="3"/>
<cell25 column="0" row="25" text="5"/>
<cell26 column="0" row="26" text="6"/>
<cell27 column="0" row="27" text="7"/>
<cell28 column="0" row="28" text="9"/>
<cell29 column="0" row="29" text="0"/>
<cell30 column="1" row="1" text="C-3"/>
<cell31 column="1" row="2" text="D-3"/>
<cell32 column="1" row="3" text="E-3"/>
<cell33 column="1" row="4" text="F-3"/>
<cell34 column="1" row="5" text="G-3"/>
<cell35 column="1" row="6" text="A-3"/>
<cell36 column="1" row="7" text="B-3"/>
<cell37 column="1" row="8" text="C#3"/>
<cell38 column="1" row="9" text="D#3"/>
<cell39 column="1" row="10" text="F#3"/>
<cell40 column="1" row="11" text="G#3"/>
<cell41 column="1" row="12" text="A#3"/>
<cell42 column="1" row="13" text="C-4"/>
<cell43 column="1" row="14" text="D-4"/>
<cell44 column="1" row="15" text="E-4"/>
<cell45 column="1" row="16" text="F-4"/>
<cell46 column="1" row="17" text="G-4"/>
<cell47 column="1" row="18" text="A-4"/>
<cell48 column="1" row="19" text="B-4"/>
<cell49 column="1" row="20" text="C-5"/>
<cell50 column="1" row="21" text="D-5"/>
<cell51 column="1" row="22" text="E-5"/>
<cell52 column="1" row="23" text="C#4"/>
<cell53 column="1" row="24" text="D#4"/>
<cell54 column="1" row="25" text="F#4"/>
<cell55 column="1" row="26" text="G#4"/>
<cell56 column="1" row="27" text="A#4"/>
<cell57 column="1" row="28" text="C#5"/>
<cell58 column="1" row="29" text="D#5"/>
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