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Created Dec 29, 2017
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CRD BotData
//In your dialog
Activity message = result as Activity;
//Create scope with respect to activity
using (var scope = DialogModule.BeginLifetimeScope(Conversation.Container, message))
//Resolve scope for IBotDataStore<BotData>
IBotDataStore<BotData> stateStore = scope.Resolve<IBotDataStore<BotData>>();
/* Retrieve user address. Address key holds information about Bot, Channel, User and conversation */
Address key = Address.FromActivity(message);
//Load user data with the help of key
BotData userData = await stateStore.LoadAsync(key, BotStoreType.BotUserData, CancellationToken.None);
//Get value by key
string getUserLanguagePreference = userData.GetProperty<string>("language_preference");
//Set value of type string
userData.SetProperty<string>("language_preference", "en_US");
//Remove value
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