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Created Dec 7, 2018
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CSS Blitz - DVD Screensaver

Make it bounce 4 times

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CSS Blitz - DVD Player Screensaver

  • You have 20 minutes to implement this, take your time (but not too much)!
  • 💅 Feel free to embellish and make it pretty!
  • 📦 Some basic CSS is provided for you. There are some TODO comments in there to help you out.
  • 🔍 You can search online if you get stuck.
  • 🎉 When you're done, Fork the Codepen page and share with us the URL.

* * *

Tips and hints

  • Do not use positioning properties! (left, right, top, and bottom)
  • Use the transform attribute. You have translate, scale, rotate, and more. Go wild!
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