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CSS Blitz: Playlist UI

Playlist UI

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  • You have 15 minutes to implement this UI.
  • Text, colors, and other assets are provided for you.
  • Some basic CSS is provided for you.
  • You can search online if you get stuck.
  • When you're done, Fork the Codepen page and share with us the URL.


  • The height of the entire block is 667px.
  • See the CSS section below for colors and fonts.

Text content

Feel free to copy/paste:

Hard Times 3:02
Rose-Colored Boy 3:32
Told You So 3:08
Forgiveness 3:39
Fake Happy 3:55
26 3:41
Pool 3:52
Grudges 3:07
Caught in the Middle	3:34
Idle Worship 3:18
No Friend 3:23


You may use these images:


Feel free to copy/paste:

// Colors
$text: #872365;
$white: #FFFFFF;
$pink: #D96B93;

// Font
$font: 'Lato', sans-serif;

// Fonts (Lato)
@import url(',700');

// CSS reset
@import url('');

html {
  // Start coding here!

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