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Ansible meetup 9/12/2018
## Create a folder by the name Ansible:
$ mkdir Ansible
## Create a vagrant env:
$ vagrant init
# After creating a vagrant env, you will see a `Vagrant File`
$ vi Vagrantfile
##press dG to delete all contents of the file
##paste the following contents into the file:
Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
config.vm.define "fedora" = "fedora/25-cloud-base"
config.vm.box_version = "20161122"
##close the file and exit
## Create the vagrant machine:
$ vagrant up fedora

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@rabajaj0509 rabajaj0509 commented Dec 8, 2017

Prerequisite for the above setup would be to have VAGRANT installed in your system:
You can refer :

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