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Last active January 23, 2023 16:36
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Install All The Nerd Fonts

Create a tmp folder and download the script into it, chmod it and run it.

I assume you have parallel installed, if not, install it first.

mkdir /tmp/fonts && cd /tmp/fonts
chmod +x

Now you should have a folder named patched-fonts which all the fonts extracted to it. Download the script from the git repo, chmod it and run it as root to install the fonts globally for the system.

curl -sL | sudo bash -s -- --clean --install-to-system-path
function download_fonts() {
curl -s \
| jq -r '.[0].assets[] | .browser_download_url' \
| parallel --bar -t -- curl -sLOC - {}
function download_install_script() {
rm -f
curl -OL
chmod +x
function remove_old_stuff() {
rm -rf patched-fonts && mkdir -p patched-fonts
ls -1b | parallel -- unzip -o {} \*.\[ot\]tf -d patched-fonts/{.}
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