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Created Apr 21, 2012
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Simple script to check when tickets go on sale at the IMAX. You can search for multiple films and notify different email addresses.
#!/usr/bin/env python
Simple script to check when tickets go on sale at the London IMAX.
You can search for multiple films and notify different email addresses.
__author__ = 'Sergio Garcez'
import sys, urllib, sched, time, smtplib, logging
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
except ImportError:
exit('This script requires BeautifulSoup4. Please install it via pip or easyinstall')
_SENDER = ''
BFI_URL = ''
def delayedCall(function,delay=24,*args):
result, retargs = function(*args)
if delay > 0 and not result :
logging.getLogger('imax').info( "Waiting %s hours to search again." % delay )
_s = sched.scheduler(time.time, time.sleep)
_s.enter(delay*60*60, 1, delayedCall, [function,delay]+retargs)
def checkBFI(films, emails=None):
if not films:
raise ValueError("film list must exist")
f = urllib.urlopen(BFI_URL)
soup = BeautifulSoup(f)
tags =".view-content.view-content-taxonomy-term > a")
logging.getLogger('imax').info('Searching for: %s' % (', '.join(films)) )
films_found = [film for film in films for tag in tags if film.lower() in tag.text.lower()]
if films_found:
logging.getLogger('imax').info('Found %s!' % ", ".join(films_found))
if emails :
logging.getLogger('imax').info('Emailing: %s' % ', '.join(emails))
send_email(emails, 'Tickets are now available for: %s !' % ', '.join(films_found),
'Here:\n %s' % BFI_URL)
if films :
return False, [set(films)-set(films_found), emails]
logging.getLogger('imax').info('Found all films, stopping.')
return True
def send_email(receivers, subject, body):
msg = ("From: %s\r\nTo: %s\r\nSubject: %s\r\n\r\n%s"
%(_SENDER, receivers, subject, body))
server = smtplib.SMTP(_SMTP_SERVER_URL)
server.sendmail(_SENDER, receivers, msg)
def main():
from optparse import OptionParser
from string import strip
parser = OptionParser("usage: %prog -f 'Titanic, Lady From Shanghai' [-d 24 -e ',']")
parser.add_option("-e", "--emails",
dest="emails", type="string",
help="email addresses to be notified.")
parser.add_option("-f", "--films",
dest="films", type="string",
help="film names to search for.")
parser.add_option("-d", "--delay",
dest="delay", type="int", default=12,
help="time interval for searches. In hours.")
parser.add_option("-q", "--quiet",
action="store_true", dest="quiet", default=False,
help="don't print status messages to stdout")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
emails = map(strip, options.emails.split(',')) if options.emails else None
films = map(strip, options.films.split(',')) if options.films else None
formatter = logging.Formatter(
'%(asctime)-6s: %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s')
if not options.quiet:
consoleLogger = logging.StreamHandler()
delayedCall(checkBFI, options.delay, films, emails )
if __name__ == '__main__':
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