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Created May 31, 2020 06:24
What would you like to do?
younger man: i understand
older man: while we worried about this but we won’t stand up for people who get killed on a daily basis
younger man: i understand, how old are you
older man: i’m tired of this shit, i’m 45
younger man: 45, and i’m 31
older man: and i’m tired of this shit
younger man : and you the older generation than me and i am too o
older man: and we been standing around as the older ones taking all this bullshit always hoping for a kumba-fucking-ya always standing around for a kumbaya ain’t nobody coming to protect us we gotta start our own fucking life(?)
younger man: i understand but let me tell you something right here, he’s sixteen, HE’S SIXTEEN.
older man: and they’re going to kill him next week
younger man: HE’S SIXTEEN
older man: what we gonna do?
younger man: you tell me! but this ain’t the way cause they’re ready to let loose if the United states, the president say ‘you loot we shoot’
older man: you loot we shoot, i know it. but its time to stand up and at this point i’m ready to die
younger man to teen: let me tell you something right now, what you’re seeing right now is going to happen in ten years from now, and at 26 you gonna be doing the same thing i’m’ doing, you understand that? ten years you’re gonna be right here too.
older man: but he gotta also stand up for what he’s gotta stand up for
younger man: so what i need y’all to do right now here at 16 is come up with a better way cause how we doin it, it aint working. he angry at 46. i’m angry at 31. you angry at 16. you understand me
teen: yes i do
younger man: putting yourself in harms way is not the way, you and your other counterparts the same age that have the same power, y’all come up with a better way (said very emotionally) because we aint doing it. and i have a 5 year old son and it ain’t happening. i marched 4 years ago, keith lamont scott, did the same shit y’all doing. the same exact thing. night after night after night. IT DON’T MATTER. come up with a better way. You understand me? Keep yourself safe.
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