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rachimvdr /
Created August 4, 2023 05:56 — forked from krisbolton/
How to fix a USB drive showing up as two drives (fragmented into multiple partitions) on Windows

How to fix a USB drive showing up as two drives (fragmented into multiple partitions) on Windows:

  1. Hold the Windows key and press X, select PowerShell (Admin), select Yes to the pop-up. You can also use Command Prompt.
  2. In the Powershell interface type diskpart to enter the disk partition tool.
  3. Type list disk to see all disks listed.
  4. Select the USB drive by typing select disk [NUMBER]. Be careful to select the correct drive.
  5. Type clean. An error will occur if you have the drive folder open, close the window and repeat the command if this happens.
  6. Type create partition primary.
  7. Type format fs=ntfs quick to format the drive (you can also choose to set fs=fat32).
  8. Type active.
rachimvdr /
Created July 11, 2023 02:56 — forked from rb-dahlb/
OpenGL fix for Intel HD Graphics 3000 on Windows 10

Fix for Open GL on Intel HD Graphics 3000 - Windows 10

The drivers for Intel HD Graphics 3000 in Windows 10 does not expose all Open GL capabilities of the GPU. So software relying on Open GL features not present in Open GL 1.1 will not work. Using older versions of Windows or Linux might work since the chip have more features than the driver exposes.

The fix is to add a compatibility shim using the Windows ADK software.

1. Download and install Windows ADK