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Spree (vs. Magento)

  • Spree does not offer media management as a CMS function

This is true, but we do have some extensions such as spree_static_content that do provide the ability to create extra pages for your site.

  • One page checkout is available on Magento, but not Spree

Assuming you mean the fields are all on one page: This is not provided by default, but it is relatively easy to customize Spree to do this. It's pretty commonly requested, and so it might be a good idea for us to provide a guide on how to do this.

Assuming you mean a JS backend: We've got an experimental frontend for Spree written using Backbone.Marionette on top of our already excellent API. There's no reason why you couldn't gain inspiration from this and write your own.

  • Spree does not allow product Q & A functionality

Not by default because not all stores need it. There may be an extension out there to add this, or you may have to write your own. I am not sure.

  • Magento provides extensive SEO capabilities, while Spree does not

I am not sure what SEO capabilities in particular you're talking about.

  • Spree does not have an RSS feed of products like Magento

This is a very easy to add feature.

  • Magento offers product tagging and enables customers to search by tagging

Spree groups products by Taxons which are one of the ways that people can use to search for products in Spree. These taxons are also navigatable in the default sidebar of Spree.

  • Spree does not support gift certificates

We call them "coupon promotions", and yes we do. We're currently refactoring that part of Spree to make it easier to understand and therefore customize if the need arises.

  • Users cannot save their shopping cart in Spree

The shopping cart is automatically tied to the User account in the default Spree setup. The user does not need to hit a "save" button to save their cart. If a user is logged in and adds items to their cart and then comes back and logs in again, they'll be able to see their cart.

  • Magento offers sales management tools; Spree does not

This is another one of those vague points. What business value do these sales management tools actually provide?

  • Merchants can customize store appearance at the category or browsing level in Magento, but not in Spree

It's possible to do this, but it is not supported by default.

  • Spree does not support multiple currencies

Spree supports having a default currency for the entire store, with the possiblity of multiple currencies supported. We have experimented at offering multiple currency support and found it's possible, but have since ceased working on that due to there being higher demand features of Spree.

Spree can compete with a large number of Magento capabilities, but not in the core offering of the product. The following features are available with Magento, but are only available through extensions for Spree:

  • Product reviews/ratings

The 'spree_reviews' extension offers this.

  • Configurable product search

Searching within any application is difficult. We'd recommend investigating Elastic Search, Thinking Sphinx and Solr and seeing which of those suit your searching needs.

  • Recently viewed products

spree_recently_viewed supports this functionality, although I don't know of anyone using that extension. There's a high chance that the extension would need to be upgraded to the latest version of Spree.

  • Related items

spree_related_products supports this functionality.

  • Wishlist

spree_wishlist supports this.

  • Share product with a friend via email

spree_email_to_friend supports this.

  • Blogging functionality

I would recommend looking into a different gem to provide this, maybe there's a blogging Rails engine that you could use?

  • Contact us form

spree_contact_us supports this.

  • Real-time shipping rate lookup (UPS, USPS, FedEx)

spree_active_shipping supports this.

  • Free shipping

The promotions system in Spree supports this.

  • Google Checkout

Possibly supported by an extension, but I cannot find it right now.

  • PayPal Express

Supported by my extension: better_spree_paypal_express

  • Batch import/export of products

The datashift library is the best for this.

  • Multi-store, single admin support

Currently not supported in Spree. Possible to do, but may have some medium difficulties about it.

  • System-wide SEO

This is pretty vague, so I don't know.

  • Product comparison

I don't know of any extension which offers this support. That's not to say there's nothing out there.

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