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$ du -hs *.pdf
288K bs3c2k9.pdf
356K bs3c-nibble.pdf
780K condret-r2talk.pdf
264K lacon2k10-nibble.pdf
268K lacon2k10-pancake.pdf
1.8M lacon2k11.pdf
264K lacon-radare-2008.pdf
476K map-r1.pdf
256K map-r2.pdf
72K ncn2010.pdf
180K ndh2015-maijin.pdf
760K ogg2011.pdf
392K r2embed-auckland2015.pdf
132K r2l0gic2011.pdf
156K r2ted.pdf
436K radare2book-persian.pdf
312K radare-first.pdf
2.4M radare_java.pdf
288K radare.pdf
312K rage1.pdf
1.1M recon2015.pdf
532K rfib2k9.pdf
188K rooted2011.pdf
88K rootedlabs2013-radare.pdf
16K slide.pdf
1.2M ZN2014-practice-explotation.pdf
1.2M ZN2014-theory.pdf
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