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Created January 3, 2017 18:10
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List of all items from Dungeon game, SANS Hack Challenge 2016 - more info at
You are carrying:
A brown sack.
A clove of garlic.
A lunch.
A piece of vitreous slag.
A small pile of coal.
A jade figurine.
A machine.
A huge diamond.
A trophy case.
A glass bottle.
A quantity of water.
A rope.
A knife.
A sword.
A lamp.
A broken lamp.
A carpet.
A pile of leaves.
A troll.
A bloody axe.
A rusty knife.
A burned-out lantern.
A set of skeleton keys.
A skeleton.
A bag of coins.
A platinum bar.
A pearl necklace.
A mirror.
A mirror.
A glacier.
A ruby.
A crystal trident.
A gold coffin.
A torch.
A basket.
A #.
A sapphire bracelet.
A pile of timbers.
A fancy violin.
A wall with engravings.
A #.
A grail.
A prayer.
A bell.
A book.
A pair of candles.
A tour guidebook.
A newspaper.
A matchbook.
A leaflet.
A mailbox.
A tube.
A viscous material.
A wrench.
A screwdriver.
A cyclops.
A chalice.
A painting.
A stilletto.
A window.
A bolt.
A grating.
A door.
A door.
A door.
A switch.
A head on a pole.
A pile of corpses.
A pile of bodies.
A dam.
A railing.
A gate.
A bubble.
A leak.
A button.
A button.
A button.
A button.
A bat.
A rainbow.
A plastic inflatable boat.
A holed plastic boat.
A hand-held air pump.
A magic boat.
A tan label.
A sharp broken stick.
A barrel.
A red buoy.
A large emerald.
A shovel.
A hunk of bat guano.
A basket.
A receptacle.
A cloth bag.
A braided wire.
A hook.
A hook.
A gold zorkmid.
A box.
A card.
A hole.
A crown.
A brick.
A wire coil.
A Volcano Gnome.
A blue label.
A broken balloon.
A blue book.
A green book.
A purple book.
A white book.
A stamp.
A tomb.
A set of poled heads.
A bunch of Coke bottles.
A stack of listings.
A large case.
A mangled cage.
A steel cage.
A crystal sphere.
A button.
A button.
A button.
A wall with etchings.
A wall with etchings.
A glass flask.
A pool of sewage.
A large oblong table.
A group of wooden posts.
A wooden bucket.
A piece of "EAT ME" cake.
A piece of cake with orange icing.
A piece of cake with red icing.
A piece of cake with blue icing.
A robot.
A green piece of paper.
A large tree.
A large tree.
A cliff.
A white cliff.
A stack of zorkmid bills.
A portrait of J. Pierpont Flathead.
A large stone cube.
A shimmering curtain of light.
A gnome of Zurich.
A birds nest.
A jewel-encrusted egg.
A broken jewel-encrusted egg.
A beautiful brass bauble.
A clockwork canary.
A broken clockwork canary.
A yellow panel.
A white panel.
A red panel.
A black panel.
A mahogany wall.
A pine wall.
A wooden bar.
A long pole.
A short pole.
A T-bar.
A compass arrow.
A red button.
A red beam of light.
A wooden door.
A locked door.
A cell door.
A large button.
A sundial.
A numeral 1.
A numeral 2.
A numeral 3.
A numeral 4.
A numeral 5.
A numeral 6.
A numeral 7.
A numeral 8.
A note from the Thief.
A small slit.
A gold card.
A steel door.
A #.
A cretin.
A everything.
A valuables.
A sailor.
A set of teeth.
A wall.
A lurking grue.
A pair of hands.
A breath.
A flyer.
A bird.
A tree.
A northern wall.
A southern wall.
A eastern wall.
A western wall.
A water.
A Guardian of Zork.
A compass rose.
A mirror.
A panel.
A stone channel.
A dungeon master.
A ladder.
A Elf.
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