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short Unity C# script example for smoothly cutting / playing a playllist of VideoClips, by using one VideoPlayer (activeCam) to play the video and another VideoPlayer (otherCam) to cue up the next video... MIT License.
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Video;
public class SmoothVideoPlaylist : MonoBehaviour {
// to smoothly cut between two videos, we need two VideoPlayers
// make sure you create two VideoPlayers and assign them in the Inspector
public VideoPlayer activeCam, otherCam;
// edit this in the inspector, and fill it with your video clips
public List<VideoClip> playlist = new List<VideoClip>();
// internal var, keeps track of whether there's another clip cued up
VideoClip nextClip;
void Start () {
// play the first video in the playlist
// setup an event to automatically call SwitchCams() when we finish playing
activeCam.loopPointReached += SwitchCams;
otherCam.loopPointReached += SwitchCams;
void Update () {
// when the current video is 0.1 seconds away from ending, prepare the next video clip on otherCam
if ( nextClip == null && activeCam.time >= activeCam.clip.length-0.1 ) {
// FAST FORWARD CHEAT, hold down F to speed-up video
if ( Input.GetKey(KeyCode.F) ) {
Time.timeScale = 16f;
activeCam.playbackSpeed = 16f;
otherCam.playbackSpeed = 16f;
} else {
Time.timeScale = 1f;
activeCam.playbackSpeed = 1f;
otherCam.playbackSpeed = 1f;
// swaps the VideoPlayer references, so activeCam is always the active VideoPlayer
void SwitchCams (VideoPlayer thisCam) {
activeCam = otherCam;
otherCam = thisCam;
activeCam.targetCameraAlpha = 1f;
otherCam.targetCameraAlpha = 0f;
Debug.Log("new clip: " + );
nextClip = null;
// cues up the next video clip in the playlist
void PrepareNextPlaylistClip () {
nextClip = playlist[0];
otherCam.clip = nextClip;

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@DeafPhilosopher1 DeafPhilosopher1 commented Mar 11, 2020

This works beautifully. I wondered, how do I click on an UI button to go to next clip or go back to previous clip as listed in the inspector?

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