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upbit /
Last active Aug 9, 2022 — forked from ZipFile/
Pixiv OAuth Flow (with Selenium)

Retrieving Auth Token (with Selenium)

  1. Setup, install Selenium/ChromeDriver
pip install selenium
# download chromedriver from
# eg: wget && unzip
ZipFile /
Last active Aug 15, 2022
Pixiv OAuth Flow

Retrieving Auth Token

  1. Run the command:

    python login

    This will open the browser with Pixiv login page.

dojoe /
Last active Jun 25, 2021
Make DKMS sign kernel modules on installation, with full script support and somewhat distro independent

On systems with UEFI Secure Boot enabled, recent Linux kernels will only load signed modules, so it's about time DKMS grew the capability to sign modules it's building.

These scripts are extended and scriptified variants of and and add some error checking, a passphrase around your signing key, and support for compressed modules.

dkms-sign-module is a wrapper for the more generic sign-modules which can also be used outside of DKMS.


  1. Create a directory under /root, say /root/module-signing, put the three scripts below in there and make them executable: chmod u+x one-time-setup sign-modules dkms-sign-module
View misaka.c
#ifndef e//[o
#define e 0x1//
typedef struct{int d,b,o,P;char*q,*p;}f;int p,q,d,b,_=0//|
#include __FILE__//]>>>[->+>++<<]<[-<<+>>>++<]>>+MISAKA*IMOUTO
#undef e//[->[-<<+<+<+>>>>]<<<<<++[->>+>>>+<<<<<]>+>+++>+++[>]]b
#define e(c)/**/if((_!=__LINE__?(_=__LINE__):0)){c;}//[20002,+[-.+]
,O,i=0,Q=sizeof(f);static f*P;static FILE*t;static const char*o[]={//