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Created December 8, 2021 21:29
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from itertools import chain
from more_itertools import chunked
def transpose_rows_to_columns(rows) -> list:
return [list(i) for i in zip(*rows)]
def get_data(fn):
numbers, *boards = open(fn).read().split('\n\n')
numbers = [int(x) for x in numbers.split(',')]
boards = [[[*map(int, r.split())] for r in b.split('\n')] for b in boards]
return numbers, boards
def is_number_in_board(number, board):
return number in board["set"]
def remove_number_from_board(number, board):
if is_number_in_board(number, board):
l: list = board["flat_board"]
l[l.index(number)] = True
l: list = board["rotated_board"]
l[l.index(number)] = True
def is_winner(board: dict):
for ch in chunked(board["flat_board"], 5):
if all([True if x is True else False for x in ch]): return True, "flat_board"
for ch in chunked(board["rotated_board"], 5):
if all([True if x is True else False for x in ch]): return True, "rotated_board"
return False, ""
def solve1():
drawn: list = []
for key, board in boards_dict.items():
for num in numbers:
remove_number_from_board(num, board)
wins, key = is_winner(board)
if wins:
mysum = sum([x for x in board[key] if x is not True])
return mysum * num, board
def main():
for idx, board in enumerate(boards):
boards_dict[idx] = {}
boards_dict[idx]["set"] = set(chain(*board))
boards_dict[idx]["board"] = board
boards_dict[idx]["flat_board"] = list(chain(*board))
boards_dict[idx]["rotated_board"] = list(chain(*transpose_rows_to_columns(board)))
if __name__ == "__main__":
numbers, boards = get_data("day04.txt")
boards_dict: dict = {}
print(f'Day 4 part 1 ans: {solve1()}')
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