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task jacocoTestReport(type: JacocoReport, dependsOn: ['testDebugUnitTest', 'createDebugCoverageReport']) {
reports {
xml.enabled = true
html.enabled = true
def fileFilter = [ '**/R.class', '**/R$*.class', '**/BuildConfig.*', '**/Manifest*.*', '**/*Test*.*', 'android/**/*.*' ]
def debugTree = fileTree(dir: "$project.buildDir/tmp/kotlin-classes/debug", excludes: fileFilter)
def mainSrc = "$project.projectDir/src/main/kotlin"
sourceDirectories = files([mainSrc])
classDirectories = files([debugTree])
executionData = fileTree(dir: project.buildDir, includes: [
'jacoco/testDebugUnitTest.exec', 'outputs/code-coverage/connected/*'
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