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Last active November 30, 2015 15:25
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What would you like to do?


it's very bright in here. I hope we have nice footage.

there are no cameras here, sir.


no cameras? have you looked through the human files?

yes sir. unfortunately most of the inhabitants have no official records, no employment history, no...

how about those who do?

nothing sir. we found nothing. there are no traces logged for those who have been integrated in the past...


how about the scans?

I received the report the minute you arrived, taking into consideration the surrounding the deceased must have been hit in the face while kneeling with his hands on the floor ... possibly kicked by augmented attacker ... modelling suggests the victim was wearing some form of head protection ... possibly helmet...

is this all the blood? where is the body?


no sir. behind you sir...

oh my fucking god...

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