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An example of how to loop through doc stirngs using .format()
# first let's clear the text port to make sure we're starting fresh
# rather than wasting our time writing all the code in the other example,
# instead let's write a for loop to automate that process.
# We'll start by first making a list of all of the methods we want to print
# doc strings for
methods = [
# next we'll make a smiple placeholder expression that we can
# pass each method into so we can print it out easily
doc_string_temp = "mod( 'text_simple_reutrn' ).{target_function}.__doc__"
# finally we write a little for loop to go through all items in our list
# and pretty print their doc strings to the text port
for method in methods:
print( "The Doc Strings for {} are:".format( method ) )
temp_doc = doc_string_temp.format( target_function = method )
print( eval( temp_doc ) )
print( "= " * 10 )
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