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Created November 17, 2012 20:42
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Speaker Proposal

Be different, be unique, be yourself. Inspire us.

I've already proposed Succeeding with Ruby in a Post-Rails World. This is a second proposal. I'm quite prepared to deliver either or both of these talks.

The subject of this talk is Everything you always wanted to know about Ruby Combinators, but were afraid to ask. It will begin with a review of combinatory logic and some of the straightforward applications in Ruby such as .tap, .into, and hopelessly egocentric null objects.

The first part of the talk is covered in "Kestrels, Quirky Birds, and Hopeless Egocentricity" (If you are a conference organizer, and you haven't read it, please email and I'll send you a copy). The second part of the talk will move in some new directions, talking about applying combinators to contemporary patterns such as DCI and method combinators.

When the talk wraps up, attendees will have a new appreciation for how some of the fundamentals in theoretical computer science have practical applications, and they will have stepped well outside of the mainstream programming style.

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