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Delegating 404s to in Rails

Delegating 404s to in Rails

Give a chance to respond to paths that you don't have a route for before serving up a 404 page:

  1. In Gemfile, add gem 'rack-cors' and bundle.

  2. In config/application.rb, add:

     config.middleware.insert_before 0, Rack::Cors do
       allow do
         origins '*'
         resource '*', headers: :any, methods: [:get, :post, :options]
  3. In config/application.rb, add:

    config.exceptions_app = self.routes
  4. rails generate controller not_found builder

  5. In config/routes.rb, replace the generated route with:

    match "/404", to: "not_found#builder", via: :all
  6. In app/controllers/not_found_controller.rb, enhance the action:

    class NotFoundController < ApplicationController
      def builder
        builder_url = "{request.original_url}&apiKey=#{ENV.fetch("BUILDER_API_KEY")}"
        builder_response = HTTParty.get(builder_url, follow_redirects: true)
        if builder_response.code != 404
          data = JSON.parse(builder_response.body).fetch("data")
          @content = data.fetch("html").html_safe
          render :not_found, status: 404
  7. Create a folder app/views/not_found and add a file within builder.html.erb:

    <%= @content %>
  8. Create a file app/views/not_found/not_found.html.erb with your usual 404 content. If you're copying in an entire document from a static public/404.html, then you may want to:

    render :not_found, status: 404, layout: false
  9. If you've got one, rm public/404.html.

  10. Test locally: in config/environments/development.rb,

    config.consider_all_requests_local = false
  11. Use a layout specifically for pages if you want to:

    render layout: "builder"

    And then create builder.html.erb in app/views/layouts.

    Alternatively, use layout: false and put your entire document, including <html>, <head>, etc, in found.html.erb.

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