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// register javascripts
function qw_admin_enqueue_scripts($src){
if (qa_request() == 'themeoptions') {
$src['qw_admin'] = QW_CONTROL_URL . '/js/admin.js';
$src['jquery'] = QW_CONTROL_URL. '/js/jquery-1.11.0.min.js';
return $src;
// register css
qw_apply_filter('enqueue_css', 'qw_admin_enqueue_css');
function qw_admin_enqueue_css($css_src){
$css_src['qw_admin'] = QW_CONTROL_URL . '/css/admin.css';
if (qa_request() == 'themeoptions') {
$css_src['qw_spectrum'] = QW_CONTROL_URL . '/css/spectrum.css';
return $css_src;
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