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Created June 9, 2020 04:58
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module.exports = {
MATIC_PROVIDER: '', // This is the MATIC testnet RPC
PARENT_PROVIDER: '', // This is the Ropsten testnet RPC
ROOTCHAIN_ADDRESS: '0x82a72315E16cE224f28E1F1fB97856d3bF83f010', // The address for the main Plasma contract in Ropsten testnet
WITHDRAWMANAGER_ADDRESS: '0x3cf9aD3395028a42EAfc949e2EC4588396b8A7D4', // An address for the WithdrawManager contract on Ropsten testnet
DEPOSITMANAGER_ADDRESS: '0x3Bc6701cA1C32BBaC8D1ffA2294EE3444Ad93989', // An address for a DepositManager contract in Ropsten testnet
PRIVATE_KEY: 'pvt_key', // A sample private key prefix with `0x`
FROM_ADDRESS: 'address',// Your address
ROPSTEN_TEST_TOKEN: '0xb3F619c65aebC6E89FbBA95cA356A3394A20dAd7', // Contract for ERC20 in Ropsten
MATIC_TEST_TOKEN: '0x635816d95c915Bc96D2366978797Ec2B7540d8a0', // Contract for ERC20 in Matic testnet
REGISTRY: '0x56B082d0a590A7ce5d170402D6f7f88B58F71988'
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