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Created August 30, 2020 13:29
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This code snippet is being used in Everything about constants in JavaScript Tutorial on SFDC Stop
// * Constants in Javascript
// * Initialize a constant while defining it
const MONUMENT = 'Taj Mahal';
// * Constant can only be initialized once, at the time of definition
// MONUMENT = 'Lal Quila';
// console.log(MONUMENT);
// * We can assign an object to a constant
const USER = {
firstName : 'Rahul',
lastName : 'Malhotra'
// USER = {
// firstName : 'Richard',
// lastName : 'Hendricks'
// };
* If a constant is an object, then I cannot update that whole constant
* but we can update the properties of that constant
USER.firstName = 'Richard';
USER.lastName = 'Hendricks';
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