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function Get-GitStatus { & git status -sb $args }
New-Alias -Name s -Value Get-GitStatus -Force -Option AllScope
function Get-GitCommit { & git commit -ev $args }
New-Alias -Name c -Value Get-GitCommit -Force -Option AllScope
function Get-GitAdd { & git add --all $args }
New-Alias -Name ga -Value Get-GitAdd -Force -Option AllScope
function Get-GitTree { & git log --graph --oneline --decorate $args }
New-Alias -Name t -Value Get-GitTree -Force -Option AllScope
function Get-GitPush { & git push $args }
New-Alias -Name gps -Value Get-GitPush -Force -Option AllScope
function Get-GitPull { & git pull $args }
New-Alias -Name gp -Value Get-GitPull -Force -Option AllScope
function Get-GitFetch { & git fetch $args }
New-Alias -Name f -Value Get-GitFetch -Force -Option AllScope
function Get-GitCheckout { & git checkout $args }
New-Alias -Name gc -Value Get-GitCheckout -Force -Option AllScope
function Get-GitBranch { & git branch $args }
New-Alias -Name b -Value Get-GitBranch -Force -Option AllScope
function Get-GitRemote { & git remote -v $args }
New-Alias -Name gr -Value Get-GitRemote -Force -Option AllScope
function Start-Hugo { & hugo server -DF $args }
New-Alias -Name hs -Value Start-Hugo -Force -Option AllScope
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