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[string]$subscriptionName="Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN",
[string]$resourceGroupLocaltion="South East Asia",
# Set Azure subscription name
Write-Host "Setting Azure subscription to $subscriptionName" -ForegroundColor Yellow
az account set --subscription=$subscriptionName
# Create resource group name
Write-Host "Creating resource group $resourceGroupName in region $resourceGroupLocaltion" -ForegroundColor Yellow
az group create `
--name=$resourceGroupName `
--location=$resourceGroupLocaltion `
# Create AKS cluster
Write-Host "Creating AKS cluster $clusterName with resource group $resourceGroupName in region $resourceGroupLocaltion" -ForegroundColor Yellow
az aks create `
--resource-group=$resourceGroupName `
--name=$clusterName `
--node-count=$workerNodeCount `
--disable-rbac `
--enable-addons monitoring `
--generate-ssh-keys `
# --kubernetes-version=$kubernetesVersion `
# Get credentials for newly created cluster
Write-Host "Getting credentials for cluster $clusterName" -ForegroundColor Yellow
az aks get-credentials `
--resource-group=$resourceGroupName `
Write-Host "Successfully created cluster $clusterName with kubernetes version $kubernetesVersion and $workerNodeCount node(s)" -ForegroundColor Green
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