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Last active December 4, 2023 01:01
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LLM Introduction: Learn Language Models


Bootstrap knowledge of LLMs ASAP. With a bias/focus to GPT.

Avoid being a link dump. Try to provide only valuable well tuned information.


Neural network links before starting with transformers.


  • 🟢 = easy, 🟠 = medium, 🔴 = hard
  • 🕰️ = long, 🙉 = low quality audio

Youtube Lessons


Research Paper Lists

Research Papers

Philosophy of GPT


GPT/LLM Link Collections

Random fun/interesting Applications

ConLang + Ancient scripts stuff

Controlling output

Prompt Injection

(Local) Model Comparisons and Rankings

If you are wondering which models are best, especially for comparing local models

This page is not finished yet. I will continue adding to this.

pick an emoji to represent each concept

  • easy
  • medium
  • hard
  • short
  • long

dont use faces dont use the arrows for lengths dont use the same emoji for two different things

[response lost, it suggested colored circles which was what I wanted for difficulty anyway]

pick emoji to represent concept

short = long =

Short = ⏱️ Long = 🕰️

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how should we use the materials on ?

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Manubi commented Mar 31, 2023

awesome :D

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Wowww! Awesome, thanks for sharing!

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Really helpful, Thanks for Sharing !!

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Does anyone know of any similar compilation of resources for diffusion models?

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